Matthew started his career in the industry as a real estate investor, taking the time to learn the ins and outs of what truly makes a great real estate investment.  Simply buying just about any property in Ontario has proven to be quite lucrative for most people since 1996, but buying the right properties – in the right locations, at the right time, and for the right price – is what can truly provide people with substantially more wealth and security.

Matthew decided to make the transition into a full-scale real estate agent so that he could utilize his knowledge and experience to educate his clients on how to properly invest in what is typically the biggest investment most of us will ever make in our lifetime.  This is of utmost importance for first-time home buyers; buying a first home is often the steppingstone to a forever home.  Purchasing a home in the wrong location, at the wrong time, and for the wrong price can delay that next step in their real estate ladder by many years and could produce a much smaller return in a 5-10-year period.

Matthew goes the extra mile to ensure his clients have the best market intelligence and advantages, while being professionally taken care of throughout the entire process.  He specializes in educating first-time home buyers to think like investors and not simply like consumers.  His approach is to educate his clients about the real estate market through current market data and the key market drivers that real estate investors use to buy the perfect properties.  He also maintains a strong portfolio of professional contacts to help with every step of the process, from mortgage agents and appraisers, to home inspectors, contractors, moving companies and more. 

Matthew Gizzie

Real Estate Professional

Keller Williams Realty Centers, Brokerage.

My Promise

To serve the community as a leader in the real
estate industry and as a friend and neighbour.

To always do the right thing, even if it isn't
what is easiest.

To take care of your needs at the highest level
through unparalleled professionalism and
attention to detail. No request is too small.

To serve as a trusted local expert
and adviser by your side.º

To consistently and clearly communicate
with you in the manner and frequency that
you prefer.

To treat you and your family with

straightforwardness, integrity
and respect at all times.

To answer your questions,
ease your concerns, reduce your stress,
and expertly handle the entire real estate
transaction from listing
to closing and beyond.

To hold myself accountable for selling your
home for top dollar - after all,
that is what my business is built on.

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